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How do I showcase my sled?

  1. Click on the Showcase item on menu bar.
  2. Click the Create Item icon.
  3. Pick Snowmobile in the pop up window category.
  4. Item Name: Use the Drop down arrow and select your sled model, then type next to it what you want to call the Showcase such as your sled name or username.
  5. Item Description: add some info about the model of sled.
  6. Tags: tags are just key words, like apex, 4stroke, yamaha ( you can leave these blank)
  7. Add General Information, Accessories and Mods as you see fit.
  8. Upload Images to Gallery - add photos you would like.
  9. Once Photos are uploaded then you can click "Create Item" to complete the Showcase.
Apr 8, 2016
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