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  1. mcAxysSB44

    Transfer blocks

    Thanks guys!
  2. mcAxysSB44

    Transfer blocks

    Just so I don’t break or strip anything. How do I get the transfer blocks to turn? The owners manual doesn’t give adjustment instructions... it just says there is a tool needed that is ‘available at your dealer’.
  3. mcAxysSB44


    I was just told (by the dealer) shipping 11/15... i'm in WNY
  4. mcAxysSB44

    Post your XC pics

    I love it toddur… great choice on color combo! It's funny my final color choices were the all red (which I got), the black/blue combo and the black/lime. I didn't even consider the black/white at all but now seeing how it turned out in your pics I wish I would've. I wish I seen the pics of the...
  5. mcAxysSB44

    Suspension set up on 16 SB for hard railing trails

    What ^^^ he said. I had a 2016 SB and sent out my FTS and RTS to HyGear. I go about 240lbs so they recommended a stiffer RTS spring and I got their twisted spring for the FTS. They revalved both shocks to my weight and riding style and they were right on the money. I left the IFS stock and...
  6. mcAxysSB44

    F/S NSP 800 Stage 2 Clutch Kit w/gearing

    I had this on a 2016 800 Pro S Switchback w/ 1.25" Ripsaw 2 track. It was installed for roughly 2000+/- miles. 24/40 gearing. Reason for selling is I sold the sled. $250 shipped
  7. mcAxysSB44

    Thinking of going Polaris

    I had a 2016 800 Switchback Pro S for the last 3 years. Probably the fun-est sled I've had and I've owned many. The rear is an un-coupled suspension so the front end is very playful. Lean/sit back and you can hang the skis all you want which makes it nice for pounding over bumps. Get your...
  8. mcAxysSB44

    The Storm 150 track - Studs

    I've been reading people are using hyfax...
  9. mcAxysSB44

    Need help identifying this sled

    I think it is a 1996. Check on the tunnel for an ID plate/sticker...
  10. mcAxysSB44

    The Storm 150 track - Studs

    Please report back once you check clearances. Thanks!
  11. mcAxysSB44

    The Storm 150 track - Studs

    Yep, correct...2019 Indy xc 129.
  12. mcAxysSB44

    The Storm 150 track - Studs

    I'll just be studding down the center (135). I am down to 3 choices for studs (1.64 INS Hornets vs 1.575 Woodys Gold Diggers vs 1.74 Woodys Megabites) . Ive noticed the 1.64 INS Hornets and the 1.575 Woodys Gold Digger studs have just about the same overall stud length (1.993") that would...
  13. mcAxysSB44

    Where are all the Indy 850 Threads - Owners here?

    I hear ya. I think it has a lot to do with most people just haven't got their new Indy yet. What color did you end up going with? What track did you choose?
  14. mcAxysSB44

    Any Summer Projects!!

    I ordered the 850 Indy in all red! I sold the 2016 SB 800 so the empty spot in the garage is bothering me. lol Did you end up getting a Polaris yet?
  15. mcAxysSB44

    Any Summer Projects!!

    Congrats on getting married! No summer projects here... just mowing the grass (again and again) waiting for the new sled to get here.
  16. mcAxysSB44

    The Storm 150 track - Studs

    Does the way woodys measure their studs compare shorter than how others measure their studs? What I mean is isn't a woodys 1.575 stud the same height/length as an 1.64 INS hornet? I just remember there is something different on how the different brands all measure them. As of now, I am...
  17. mcAxysSB44

    The Storm 150 track - Studs

    For those who are getting the Indy XC with the Storm 150 track (and are planning to stud it)... what are you thinking for what kind/brand of studs and length?
  18. mcAxysSB44


    I like the top one...
  19. mcAxysSB44

    Improving Hand Warmers

    Anyone ever try filling the inside of the handlebar with low expanding insulation foam? I've been doing it for years on many sleds. I finally got around to doing it this year on my 16 SB and the heat from hand warmers has improved...
  20. mcAxysSB44



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