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  1. racerdave

    Mirrors and handguards on a Matryx?

    3rd season with them. Still happy
  2. racerdave

    Questions how to make the triple more reliable

    Add or subtract shims inside secondary to adjust belt deflection
  3. racerdave

    Mirrors and handguards on a Matryx?

    You can see a headlight behind you. All I need
  4. racerdave

    Anyone get their new sled yet?

    Good luck!
  5. racerdave

    Info for potential buy

    No help on the ske du. The Polaris, is a 700 XCSP ves motor. Not a edge x. 700 motor is very good. Kind of the sweet spot for that year Polaris. Sitting outside can create a mulitude of issues. Seized bushing in suspension. Shock shafts rusted, bearings rusted in motor. No more than $1000 to...
  6. racerdave

    2021 SNOWTRAX Real World Sled of The Year Award...

    The only thing I don't like about my 650 Matryx is the narrowness of the seat front.
  7. racerdave

    FS: New Polaris11-64 clutch weights

    11-64. Never used. Actual weight marked on each. $50 shipped . Lower 48 states. Paypal ok if you pay fees.
  8. racerdave

    XC 600 Exhaust Removal

    Various bent coathangers. Fishing line, notched wirecutters, notched screwdrivers, and patience.
  9. racerdave

    1990 Indy 650 custom name plate

    Still have a few of those
  10. racerdave

    Adjustable weights who's using them and what brand

    Doc, it's been a whileDiv20
  11. racerdave

    ssi muffler

    Your post says can is free, then $75 plus shipping, Needs to be reworded
  12. racerdave

    MY 2022 Sno Check may end early !!!

    GM announced this morning that some plant of theirs is shutting down for a few weeks because of the chip shortage
  13. racerdave

    MY 2022 Sno Check may end early !!!

    I just built a XCR 3 minutes before coming here, and it went all the way to the page for me to fill in my name and dealer . I quit then
  14. racerdave

    FS: Standard Flex-Tec Handguard Mounts 1G-FTMNT

    These were used on my 2015 Indy ProR. Could be used on others. $36.00 shipped to lower 48 states. Mounts only. Paypal ok if you pay fee's.
  15. racerdave

    FS: Acerbis hand guards.

    Used on Edges and Gen 2 Polaris. Maybe others, but I don't know. Good shape. 1 small yellow dot missing off left side guard. $40 shipped Priority Mail, to lower 48 states.
  16. racerdave

    Exhaust Valves on Patriot 850

    Not taking a stance either way. On another site, a well respected and knowledgeable member, says that some of the gunk, may help to eliminate some valve vibration, that may cause valve cracking/failure. Food for thought.
  17. racerdave

    MY 2022 Sno Check may end early !!!

    Gee, maybe if it ends early, Polaris can start production early, and actually get Snow Checks to buyers before December and January. :Banghead
  18. racerdave

    traction trouble - track question

    Moved to correct board: Wedge/Evolved

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