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  1. Mainway Solutions Inc.

    Mainway Solutions Rear Crank Bushing Upgrade

    Have You checked Your Pro Suspension Lately!! MPK05 Real nice fit compared to sloppy fit from factory, never mind any riding you have done.
  2. Mainway Solutions Inc.

    Suspension Bushing Kits

    We Have several Suspension Bushing Kits to make your Polaris ride tighter than new. Check it out at Mainwaysolutions.ca Order with Confidence. We ship Daily to the USA
  3. Mainway


    Polaris Suspension Parts
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  11. Mainway Solutions Inc.

    Broke Part I.D Help

    So How did you make out with the repair, looked like maybe the tower got damaged a bit as well as the bearing retainer. An Pics?
  12. Mainway Solutions Inc.

    Anyone get their new sled yet?

    Have a Great Weekend Riding the new Sled:)
  13. Mainway Solutions Inc.

    Removing axys rush skid tips?

    We Have bushing kits for the Pro S Chassis. Torque arm kits MPK02 are used in the lower pivot of the Rear Crank as well. Remove all the rear crank slop with the MPK05 kit.....Guaranteed
  14. Mainway Solutions Inc.

    IGX Rocker Arm Fix

    Check out some of our Repair kits to remove excessive slop in our pivot points. MPK03 Rocker Arm Kit This is one of our kits bellow that replaces the steel axle with a stainless axle and a new bearing bronze bushing that you would install in the OEM arm. This kit fits the Assault 144 The OEM...
  15. Mainway Solutions Inc.

    Anyone get their new sled yet?

    Its been a year of disappointments, Material and Parts prices keep going up and no one has any stock.
  16. Mainway Solutions Inc.

    A Arm Kits, Torque Arm Kits, Shock Pivot Rocker Arm Kits

    Check out our Polaris Bushing Kits. We Make Great Sleds Better!! MPK01 Bronze Bushing Kits Replace the OEM Plastic Bushing with the Real Deal Bronze Bushings machined from Bearing Bronze MPK03 Shock Pivot Rocker Arm Kits The OEM Rocker Arm above uses steel in steel engineering from...
  17. Mainway Solutions Inc.

    Mainway Solutions Rear Crank Bushing Upgrade

    Make Your Pro Rear Suspension Tighter with some of Mainway Solutions Polaris Bushing Kits. We have the MPK02 Front Torque Arm Bushing Kits along with the Pro Rear Crank Bushing and Axle Kit Kit Numbers are MPK02 and MPK05
  18. Mainway Solutions Inc.

    Anyone get their new sled yet?

    That would be nice if they show up this early. I'm thinking more Octoberish :) Then the mad rush to install all your new Accessories before the snow flies
  19. Mainway Solutions Inc.

    Matryx Lower A Arm Broke?

    Definitely looks like he may have landed somewhere between a Rock and a Hard Spot. The tear starts at the top:)
  20. Mainway Solutions Inc.

    Suspension bushings

    Call Any Time.......Someone will Answer for any questions you may have:)

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