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  1. highlandjeeper

    2000 700 RMK Cooling System

    I acquired this sled a couple winters ago, and I am finally getting to putting it in shape for the season. Turns out that this thing was a basket case due to the previous owners handy work. Every turn unveils another surprise, but I've come this far, so I refuse to give up. Last weekend I...
  2. highlandjeeper

    2000 RMK 700 Seat Cover

    Looking for a cover to repair my seat. I had a Skidoo that had been covered with a Saddlemen cover and looked to be excellent quality. Unfortunately I don't see my sled listed in their catalog. What machines used the same base as this sled?
  3. highlandjeeper

    Skid Relocation

    I have contacted JB Shocks. He couldn't help me. On another site, I found someone who apparently ran into the exact same problem I have. he moved the skid slightly to the rear and it all worked out. not sure if there are some slight variations with these skids. anyhow, I have relocated the...
  4. highlandjeeper

    Skid Relocation

    So I thought I was making progress until I hit a wall tonight. I discovered that the track was a 151 and not a 144 like I was told. Not a big deal as I found a good deal on a 144 that was way better shape. I removed everything and relocated the rear brackets from the front back to where they...
  5. highlandjeeper

    Skid Relocation

  6. highlandjeeper

    Skid Relocation

    Above is the new rear mount Old rear mount relocated to front
  7. highlandjeeper

    If you want to run with the big dogs, you must be able to pee in the tall grass.

    If you want to run with the big dogs, you must be able to pee in the tall grass.
  8. highlandjeeper

    Skid Relocation

    I will try to snap some tonight.
  9. highlandjeeper

    Skid Relocation

    Hey guys, new here and fairly new to the sport. I am trying to get my machine ready for the upcoming season and have a few questions. The sled I acquired is a 2000 RMK 700. Was originally a Xtra-Lite 136. The PO swapped in a Xtra-10 and a 144" track. my concerns are with what was done with the...

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