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  1. highlandjeeper

    2000 700 RMK Cooling System

    I acquired this sled a couple winters ago, and I am finally getting to putting it in shape for the season. Turns out that this thing was a basket case due to the previous owners handy work. Every turn unveils another surprise, but I've come this far, so I refuse to give up. Last weekend I...
  2. highlandjeeper

    2000 RMK 700 Seat Cover

    Looking for a cover to repair my seat. I had a Skidoo that had been covered with a Saddlemen cover and looked to be excellent quality. Unfortunately I don't see my sled listed in their catalog. What machines used the same base as this sled?
  3. highlandjeeper

    Skid Relocation

    Hey guys, new here and fairly new to the sport. I am trying to get my machine ready for the upcoming season and have a few questions. The sled I acquired is a 2000 RMK 700. Was originally a Xtra-Lite 136. The PO swapped in a Xtra-10 and a 144" track. my concerns are with what was done with the...

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