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    2016 Switchback overheating

    got out yesterday for the first ride. Sled was heating up to 195-200 in very little time. coolant is topped off. anyone have any similar issues with the cfi800 motor? i did notice when i pulled my snoflap back it took a little longer to heat up but still got too hot. my brothers 2020 xcr850...
  2. Z

    2016 Switchback Assault 800 "

    Thank you. Very good info
  3. Z

    2016 Switchback Assault 800 "

    Looking for some opinions on the "vented oil cap" issue. Just picked up a 2016 Switchback Assault 800 and upon some online surfing keep seeing the discussion over whether or not to modify or change oil cap due to poor flow. Just seeing what others have done or not done and their results...

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