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    Putting this out there

    What’s the big deal were it is? No attempt at what you’re speculating? It’s not about that.
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    Putting this out there

    It’s a general subject
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    Putting this out there

    I could careless what you think Dave and what you wanna tell people. This doesn’t involve you but you sure wanna get involved. Me and Mr sled talked on the phone about this and what you say doesn’t add up? You have no idea what has went on between me and Heath over the years so you’re comment...
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    Putting this out there

    I have no problem with you tom as you’ve been sensible and understanding. I’ll be contacting you
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    Putting this out there

    You have been a huge back stabbing so called friend. I just found out about this from you. You run you’re mouth behind my back but never to my face. This is twice you’ve done this to me. Before you start running you’re mouth behind my back, you might wanna be a man and talk to me to my face...
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    Putting this out there

    I'm Looking into titanium from American supplier. As many have seen there’s a shit storm about me all over internet. I work a busy schedule and this has all unfolded in two days. I’m trying to figure it out. Be patient with me and I’ll be patient with you. I’ve contacted everyone that has...
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    Best top speed but only 8050 rpm

    riding the torque curve
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    Pretty dead on here..

    Lol Not as many members as other sites yet as it’s newer Chat away
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    Best adjustables

    60’ time was cut off Mr indy was with me on weekend. Great day of testing. V box don’t lie. Great day with great friends.:) Turbo mags for the win P2 for the win
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    2015 axys 800 Low rpm /TPS/Exhaust valve second stage

    Save map and pull all timing out and see what it does?
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    2015 axys 800 Low rpm /TPS/Exhaust valve second stage

    First thing I would do is pull all advanced timing out . You didn’t mention a pipe? So it’s a stock pipe
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    2011 RMK Pro 800 dropped water pump cover blew up

    Inspect damage? Did it over heat?
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    2015 axys 800 Low rpm /TPS/Exhaust valve second stage

    Can u take a screenshot of the timing map please? If u wanna send a pm instead , that’s ok too
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    Thank god my head is attached!

    2.86 pitch or 2.52 pitch drivers?
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    Exhaust code

    I’d check all wires and connections, wiring to ev actuator , etc
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    Assault fast trail set up

    I run the C&A xcs skis(with .75” keel), a buddy runs split rails. They both work well .
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    Real World Test Results

    The 48/44 with 123/203 spring loads motor more and won’t let it spin at track like you’re other set up you lost hole shot too. (To light helix at start and to heavy secondary spring)
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    Best adjustables

    Try one as you said u were spinning on holeshot. Load with more cam angle or less spring. Try it
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    heavy weight light springs theory ???

    RD Some of us find on the P2 that you can pull more angle at start because it’s so efficient . So a 52/44 fp does work for some
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    heavy weight light springs theory ???

    I like a more aggressive profile then 10 series. Been going back and forth from stm super tips and turbo mags. Like both profiles. Super tips are tucked 0.030”. Using around 67.5-69 grams with 110/290, 100/305 springs Using the P2 and loading it with a 66/44-42.45(after 66 angle it’s full...

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