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Rmk 800 burning up ECU


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Assault 800
Figured I would start a new thread. I have had nothing but problems with my 2010 RMK Assault 800. It died on me last year and I have spent countless hours trying to get it running. Originally I thought it was a fuel issue and after trying a bunch of different things I decided to take it to the shop. Shop ran diagnostics on it and it appeared the ecu was bad. I ordered a new one, they are almost impossible to find. I out it in and the sled fired right up. After about 30 seconds I smelled burning plastic so I opened the hood and the ECU was smoking badly. I shut the sled off and have just assumed I have now ruined my newly purchased ECU. All I can think of is maybe a bad voltage regulator but the diagnostic did not mention anything about it. Also the voltage regulator was replaced about 100 miles ago.

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