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New Profile Posts

  1. Cody54
    2013 Rush overheated and now won’t go over 30. I instantly shut it off and let it cool down. Just tried 3 hours later and same thing..
  2. Cbaker
    I have a 1994 Indy Classic touring EFI. I primarily use this sled for ice fishing
  3. corrie perry
    corrie perry proS800
    Do you know what the difrrence is between the polaris ves and ves extream oil . Doesn the ves extream oil provide better wear protection
  4. 822
    822 racerdave
    hello Racerdave . i'm new to the forum and have had trouble getting messages out to knowledgeable members such as yourself , I have read many of your posts in regards to 850 Indy both in regards to clutching and different weights associated with clutching . My question is more geared to the secondary in regards to full / progressive type helix , is this something you would consider advising on .
  5. Robin Reierson
    Robin Reierson
    Looking for details on how to adjust the offset on the secondary clutch on a Polaris 500 XCSP 2007
  6. Roxanne
    1997 polaris indy just bought. wondering where the fuel pump is suppose to be located to. It was not attached anywhere
  7. Bigfuse
    Bigfuse Kyle Miller
    Is the code saying that the voltage is too high to the sensor? If so on my 2020 Indy XC 850 the wires were somehow cut. Brought it in to my dealer yesterday at 5:25 yesterday, they closed at 5:30. Got a phone call at 11:15 today and it was fixed. Apparently they've had a few of them with the same issue.
  8. Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller
    Getting Engine Code P0128 for coolant sensor. How do I know if it is the sensor, and how easy is it to change out the sensor? Thanks!
  9. Dan Stewart
    Dan Stewart
    Best clutch kit for 17 switchback 800?
  10. David Burrowes
    David Burrowes
    2019 swutchback just pulled rear skid for maintenance and noticed that the bogie wheels were installed offset to one another????
  11. assault 800
    assault 800
    thinking of a big bore kit for my 800 axys assault who has the best 1,s out there
  12. John pippy
    John pippy
    need help .when I start my Polaris it will run for a minute and die it I touch the throttle to keep it running it will die right now
  13. 09dragon
    .im rebuilding a set of clutches from 2005 xcsp 600..i cant seem to find the replacement secondary moveable sheave bushing anywhere
  14. k-9
    Snow check 2020 Indy XC 850 137 last week
  15. Dew
    2013 switchback adventure that needed a new wire harness, got it running but constant backfire at low idle through exhaust. help
  16. marxhare
    I'm looking for a wiring diagram for a 1991 Polaris Indy Trail. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  17. pavithrapavi
  18. JWBERT427
    JWBERT427 MrSled
    MrSled, how can I change the name on my account?
    1. MrSled
      I left u a private message.
      Dec 29, 2018
  19. Jamie’s
    Can someone tell me a good site to ask a question and get a answer back thanks in advance.
  20. Jlg
    Hi I have a Polaris 1991 650 rxl sks no spark.I have changed stator coil cdi is good tried cdi on different sled and work any help
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