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  • My 2017 axys 800 is having power band issues
    I took my power valve relays out and cleaned the plug and put new relays in, I drained the tank and put new fuel in it. I had all the recalls fixed. Fuel pump rebuild and fuel rail inspections. The only thing I can think of is my power valve actuator or something’s wrong with my clutching...
  • 8A9D6AB5-EAF8-450C-9E6F-52307A2C2D1E.jpeg
    Hi, I have a 2017 Polaris pro rmk 800 and it’s having issues revving past 7000 rpm and hitting power band. It’ll run great for a while then it’ll only be able to rev past 7000 from a dig then it bogs down. Ive changes the plugs several times, I’ve cleaned out my power valves, I took my power...

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