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I'm looking for help with my 2017 rmkpro 800,dash is goin out intermittently, there is a service port for the dash it is o ly getting 4.5 volts seems like it should b 12 colts or more all other wires r up around 14 volts
I have a 2019 850 Pro S. I put new plugs in it and I made the rookie mistake and didn’t get one of them snugged up. I made it 2 miles before it started bogging really bad, I noticed the plug was soaked in fuel. I put 2 more brand new plugs in just to be safe and it still isn’t running right. I can’t figure out what’s wrong and why it’s bogging. The sled won’t idle either. I’m not sure if it’s dumping fuel or starving
Hi there. I have a 2010 600 rush. Every time I hit 600 rpm I get the engine light coming on and a detonator code coming up. Changed fuel filter, spark plugs. Check compression. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?
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