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Looking for both rear shocks on a 2007 Polaris 600 Touring IQ Sled. Front torque arm shock is Polaris Part Number 7043207 but has been discontinued. Rear track shock with the accumulator shows a rebuilt kit part number of 1500703 but it has been discontinued as well. Any suggestions on aftermarket shocks and where to buy? Or anyone out there rebuild them? Thanks for your help!
2013 Polaris 800 RMK Pro, Starting air temp 15 deg and rose to 49. The last 25 miles the RMK began to lose power. At first it ran fine at 3/4 throttle or less, then 1/2 throttle, then 1/4. Engine temp was 130-140, no codes or errors. Replaced plugs, no change. If the sled sat for 15min, would run fine for 5 min then loss of power would start again. Other sleds were running fine. Any suggestions?
01 Polaris 500 XC SP would run for about 1 hour then it would back fire, loose power, stop. Let it sit, it would start back up & run fine again for awhile & then back fire. Replaced the thermostat sensor, tested the thermostat, & burped the cooling system. Now I did not have any spark. Replaced plugs, coil, CDI box, and stator and same issue. 40 VAC at exciter coil 1.6VAC at pickup coil 5.8VAC at stator. Any ideas?
Hey Folks, I have a 1999 500 Indy XC and I’m looking for a salvage yard or new replacement for the pipe and can. Seems I blew out the pipe and was told it’s likely the can is plugged. I don’t have a scope, so I may as well replace both but I don’t want to spend a boatload. Please help!
I have a 2004 edge touring 800. On my last ride I was getting some popping and it was hard to start cold. I changed the plugs today and it l starts fine but it looks like I'm getting a lot of raw gas out of the exhaust. I'm not sure what is causing that any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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