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Polaris is voluntarily recalling MY2021-2023 MATRYX, MY2015-2022 AXYS and select MY2013-2014 Pro-Ride snowmobiles!!

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As announced on August 30, 2022, Polaris is voluntarily recalling MY2021-2023 MATRYX, MY2015-2022 AXYS and select MY2013-2014 Pro-Ride snowmobiles, in partnership with the CPSC, because with degraded fuel and especially after extended storage, some snowmobiles may pose a risk of fire due to electrostatic discharge (ESD) inside the fuel tank. Under specific conditions, vapors may be ignited inside the fuel tank during operation, posing a fire hazard.
Polaris is allocating repair kits to dealers weekly. If you have not already reached out to your Polaris-authorized dealer, please contact them to determine next steps and when you can schedule your free repair. DO NOT attempt any repairs yourself. If you need to start your snowmobile, you must make sure the fuel tank is full and, if it is not, then you need to add fresh gasoline to fill the tank.
Click the link to determine if your VIN is affected and for more information, call 800-765-2747...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Happy Veterans Day

Wide Open Wisconsin Snow Show

RIP (Bigfuse)

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Here is a picture of Ed Mosiewich (Bigfuse) at Moto X doing what he loved.


Very Sad new that Ed Mosiewich ( BigFuse) has passed. Snowmobiling was his life's passion. He was Polaris all the way.
He loved snowmobiling and photography. It was was everything to Ed.
He was a funny, witty, sarcastic guy with a huge heart. He will be missed by many.

Please put him in your thoughts and prayers.

Lets talk Turbo?? Thoughts??

2021 Polaris Indy 850 MATRYX VR1 Review by SnowTraxTV

SnowTrax: 2022 Polaris Patriot Boost Engine Detailed Overview

Polaris Recall on 2022!!

Sick Ride!!

Sick Oval Track Racing..

2021 Polaris Switchback Assault 144 - SnowTrax

2021 SNOWTRAX Real World Sled of The Year Award...

Oval Track Pro5 500

SnowTrax Television : Here's a bit more about the new Polaris 2-stroke turbo...

850 Patriot engines arriving in Roseau, Minnesota from our engine plant in Osceola, Wisconsin.

Breaking news: Polaris just unveiled its 2022 600R snocross sled!!

How deep with you go with RXR?

This is the BIGGEST, BADDEST AND STRONGEST Outlaw drag stud on the market!!

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From SnowStuds:

"We are extremely excited and proud of our latest product offering!! This is the BIGGEST, BADDEST AND STRONGEST Outlaw drag stud on the market. This stud is made out of a super strong alloy, it is a full 2” in height, it has a sharp penetrating shovel point and a true 5/8” wide flat for ultimate hook up!!
These will be sold as a package with a lightweight threaded 1.20” head stud blank and your choice of backer.

Stay Tuned For Pricing!!!
We are taking pre-orders for these studs starting on 7/22/2021!!
As always if you have any questions please reach out to us 888-234-9822!! "

studs 3.jpg
studs 2.jpg

The site has been updated, please post if you have any questions or problems!!

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We have updated the site to the latest version. There are quite a few new functions so it will take a little time to get use to it. Please post if you see or have any issues here.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Happy Veterans Day


IQ 600 Drive Shaft Speedometer Housing

Hi All
I have a 2007 IQ 600 121" and recently had some issue with the secondary overheating and some noise. I removed the clutch and speedometer housing to inspect bearings and freed up and cleaned the jackshaft bearing cleaning out all the grease. The bearing on this side is a sealed bearing and this machine has the electronic speedometer pickup. The grease nipple was not installed in the spot the service manual says, but I re-tapped and re-installed it and replaced the gasket on the a shaped bearing collar. Does anyone know if this housing needs to be full of grease when operating? I can see it with the mechanical speedometer and I used a needle to grease inside the small orifice on the bearing seal. I am hesitant to grease this housing as it will take a lot of grease to fill and I don't see what purpose it serves. If someone could let me know what they think that would be great. The service manual is really very poor.
Thanks a bunch

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I found what appears to be cracks in upper crank case. Does this need to be replaced? TIA
Looking for both rear shocks on a 2007 Polaris 600 Touring IQ Sled. Front torque arm shock is Polaris Part Number 7043207 but has been discontinued. Rear track shock with the accumulator shows a rebuilt kit part number of 1500703 but it has been discontinued as well. Any suggestions on aftermarket shocks and where to buy? Or anyone out there rebuild them? Thanks for your help!
2013 Polaris 800 RMK Pro, Starting air temp 15 deg and rose to 49. The last 25 miles the RMK began to lose power. At first it ran fine at 3/4 throttle or less, then 1/2 throttle, then 1/4. Engine temp was 130-140, no codes or errors. Replaced plugs, no change. If the sled sat for 15min, would run fine for 5 min then loss of power would start again. Other sleds were running fine. Any suggestions?
01 Polaris 500 XC SP would run for about 1 hour then it would back fire, loose power, stop. Let it sit, it would start back up & run fine again for awhile & then back fire. Replaced the thermostat sensor, tested the thermostat, & burped the cooling system. Now I did not have any spark. Replaced plugs, coil, CDI box, and stator and same issue. 40 VAC at exciter coil 1.6VAC at pickup coil 5.8VAC at stator. Any ideas?
Hey Folks, I have a 1999 500 Indy XC and I’m looking for a salvage yard or new replacement for the pipe and can. Seems I blew out the pipe and was told it’s likely the can is plugged. I don’t have a scope, so I may as well replace both but I don’t want to spend a boatload. Please help!
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