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Kemimoto 1680D Door Bags & Center Bag for Polaris RZR PRO XP 2020-2024


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Here are the door bags and center bag that we added to our machine. They look like a great product with waterproof materials and zippers.

#1 The first bag we installed was between the seat bag or center bag.

IMG_6010 (Custom).JPEG

IMG_6011 (Custom).JPEG

Very easy to install. Center the bag between the seats and fold flap and mark top holes with silver sharpie.

IMG_6012 (Custom).JPEG

IMG_6013 (Custom).JPEG

Drill holes with 5/16" drill bit.

IMG_6014 (Custom).JPEG

Push in the pins that were provided.

IMG_6015 (Custom).JPEG

As the bag is hanging, you can now unzip and mark out the inner holes. Lift up bag, drill, then fold down bag and push in that last two pins that have been provided.

IMG_6016 (Custom).JPEG

IMG_6017 (Custom).JPEG

IMG_6018 (Custom).JPEG

IMG_6025 (Custom).JPEG

#2 next we moved onto the door bags.

IMG_6008 (Custom).JPEG

IMG_6009 (Custom).JPEG

You will remove the following screws as show in the images below and instructions above. There will be one longer screw that you will retain and use with the provided screws to mount the new bags.

IMG_6019 (Custom).JPEG
IMG_6020 (Custom).JPEG

Once you have removed the screws, start with the screw near the door release first and tighten down. Be careful as it will want to spin and might rip out the stitching. This strap could be longer by a 1/2" but have found if you start with that screw you can stretch the bag enough to get all the other screws in. If you don't it can be a struggle.

IMG_6022 (Custom).JPEG

IMG_6023 (Custom).JPEG

Remember to remove the backing on the Velcro last and stick it to the door frame as shown in the instructions. We recommend the surface of the frame to be cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

IMG_6024 (Custom).JPEG

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