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How deep with you go with RXR?

This is the BIGGEST, BADDEST AND STRONGEST Outlaw drag stud on the market!!

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From SnowStuds:

"We are extremely excited and proud of our latest product offering!! This is the BIGGEST, BADDEST AND STRONGEST Outlaw drag stud on the market. This stud is made out of a super strong alloy, it is a full 2” in height, it has a sharp penetrating shovel point and a true 5/8” wide flat for ultimate hook up!!
These will be sold as a package with a lightweight threaded 1.20” head stud blank and your choice of backer.

Stay Tuned For Pricing!!!
We are taking pre-orders for these studs starting on 7/22/2021!!
As always if you have any questions please reach out to us 888-234-9822!! "

studs 3.jpg
studs 2.jpg

The site has been updated, please post if you have any questions or problems!!

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We have updated the site to the latest version. There are quite a few new functions so it will take a little time to get use to it. Please post if you see or have any issues here.

Wide Open Wisconsin

Gates are open! Come check out all of the vendors at Wide Open Wisconsin!


TekVest Group Buy Program

TekVest has provided Totallyanmaha (Owner of PolarisStarPower) and it's followers with a special group buy opportunity that will also directly benefit the site!!

What: 15% off MRSP from purchases made at TekVest.com, TekRider.com, and TekRider.ca

When: for the next 30 days, ending May 6, 2023

Why: SAFETY!!! The main reason to have a TekVest is for your safety on and off the trails! Second, a portion of each sale will directly benefit Totallyamaha, so make sure you pass this on to everyone you know!

How: go to any of the above sites and find your perfect fit! Enter the code TY2023 in the coupon code area prior to checkout.
**Note, To receive a discount, customers MUST include the coupon code at checkout, before paying for their order. All discounts are automatically applied during checkout. Only one coupon code can be used per sale, but each sale can include multiple TekVest products. Coupon codes cannot be combined.

Any model TekVest from the above sites can be used with this group buy.

Check out these new models:
New TekVest Models: TrailMaster and TrailSport
The TrailMaster is an evolution of the SuperSport, our longest running TekVest. It features the same incredible hybrid UHMW/foam armor as our pure-racing SX ProLite, but adds trail friendly features such as reverse-entry zippered pockets. UHMW is the only armor that remains functional down to -40 F, while being incredibly cut resistant to help protect against stud penetration.

TrailMaster Features:
• Vented armor plates allow body heat to insulate the inner pockets
• 2 inner pockets large enough to fit essential electronics
• Prolongs battery life in electronic devices such phones, Go-Pros, Spot/InReach & more
• 2 vertical slots in each inner pocket to store electronics & more
• Room enough to store 4 Smartphones or Battery Boosters, leaving room for wallet or maps
• Outer pockets are TekVest's long-astablished, reverse-entry zippered design
• D-rings & other attachment points are included
Sizes: XS | SM | MD | LG | XL | 2XL | 3XL (note: there is a small surcharge for 2X and 3XL)

2006 FS 750 Touring Stop switch, thether, or kill switch not shutting down engine.

Hi all, I just purchased a 2006 FS 750 and when I turn the switch to stop position it doesn't stop. I have to push the kill switch. I have checked all the wiring and switch for continuity and everything is ok. The engine is shutting off because of the power to the efi relay in the kill switch. Can anyone tell me how to check to see if the signal from the switches are going to the ECU ?


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Hi Amber, I hope someone has answered your question, there are different hight risers for your XCR to help customize the sled to fit you, if you post this in the AXYS forum more members might reply.
Hi there, I just got a 2020 XCR600 and my handle bars feel like they are too high for me. We have adjusted them to tilt a little more but I am female and only 5'5" and it just seems like an awkward angle. Is there anyone who knows of a modification that might lower them to be more ergonomic
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