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Hi Amber, I hope someone has answered your question, there are different hight risers for your XCR to help customize the sled to fit you, if you post this in the AXYS forum more members might reply.
Hi there, I just got a 2020 XCR600 and my handle bars feel like they are too high for me. We have adjusted them to tilt a little more but I am female and only 5'5" and it just seems like an awkward angle. Is there anyone who knows of a modification that might lower them to be more ergonomic
I was looking for more information on your headlight blinking issue post in 2019...You stated that yours blinked only when handwarmers were on high? I have the exact problem- 2017 Polaris Pro X. I have changed all three of the capacitors near the airbox. How did you go about finding the issue with a short in your handwarmers? Was it under the grip? or an open cable somewhere in between?
New guy here! Just picked up my new 850 this past weekend. Looking forward to reading & sharing experiences with this new Matryx platform!!!
Help... my 20’ XC800 137 EV solenoid is acting weird. It’s been to the Dealer but nothing they did worked. Bad ECU??
Looks like a fantastic site will be super Intrested to see some of you again , super excited
Jamie what's the trick to posting pics? The same pics I posted on HCS are saying there to large and when I make them smaller just get an error. I did look at the FAQ and followed what it stated
Something has happened at HCS, I don't understand it. There may be guys trying to comeback here that you have banned
I think most of the bans have been lifted. Are they coming to cause issues?

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