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    The rumors swirling around today are that its just an ground extension to the bottom of the tank to dissipate any static, thats it.
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    The only number I've seen thrown around in any official release is 233k, which they have to be truthful about or else be in trouble with the SEC since they are a publicly traded entity. I'm also willing to bet at least 10% of those don't even exist any more ( totaled, parted out, etc). I can't...
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    2009 IQ 600 hard start no idle

    They will actuate them and flow test as well as part of the cleaning to make sure they are still good. Guaranteed the spray pattern is screwed up and thats why you are having idling issues, the ecm cant compensate enough to maintain idle.
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    2009 IQ 600 hard start no idle

    Pull the injectors and have them professionally cleaned if they were that screwed up. InjectorRx in Texas is one place that has the equipment & wiring harness to do the Polaris injectors, they get $18 per injector plus your shipping to get them there. Much cheaper than doing a top end if you...
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    Only thing I'm seeing thrown around elsewhere is dealers being told to block out 1hr to 90 minute timeslots for the repair and that it will apparently be released the end of the month. The are likely building up an inventory of fix-it kits and fixing the ones on the assembly line first to keep...
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    Upper steering mount damage = over structure rear tube frame replacement?

    Yeah that doesn't look like a fun repair, but that one's still way too new to not be doing it right. Isn't there an age limit to equipment before you can be applying bush fixes? lmao
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    It does, but I think a lot of things have to line up to make it happen. That's why the failure rate is so very, very low. I can see a scenario with the pump being in a locked rotor condition on startup causing a spark to ground. Polaris has open contacts on their ground, they also boost the pump...
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    fuel question

    Might want to hold off and see what this big recall replaces.
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    Upper steering mount damage = over structure rear tube frame replacement?

    I think you already answered your own question, no professional shop in their right mind would let that back out due to liability. If someone lost steering ability and caused an accident because of that failing down the line, they would be done if it got traced back to them knowingly ignoring...
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    23' sled built

    They likely firmed up their component orders much earlier this year to help delivery, thats why product and color choices were constrained. I also thought they moved some dirt product production from Roseau in order to help the snow product line run continuous this year
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    23' sled built

    More than likely complete if its arriving this early, they were only shipping incomplete product in late fall to speed up final delivery to the consumer when the parts showed up. Much harder to hold & ship an entire sled than send smaller components via Fedex or UPS.
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    Low coolant temp

    From the top: At WOT will cut power at about 70 mph.
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    05 Classic 500 charging problem

    Let me start by saying don't think of this like an automotive 12v system. I believe there's a rectifier in that part of the circuit, separate from the voltage regulator, that controls the voltage to the battery. That regulator you tested controls voltage to the headlight, handwarmer, & ignition...
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    2010 Widetrak IQ 600 2 stroke

    Polaris had a 1 page supplement to the manual in those days with all the specifications & clutching recommendations. They since got smart and included that info right in the manual. I found and attached a copy for your sled
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    9R For Trail

    I think you are going to have problems keeping it cool in that chassis since the RMK coolers aren't really meant for trail riding. You'd be better off juicing up an Assault since you are only going 146 anyway, not to mention the rear suspension is designed more for trail than the KHAOS skid.

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