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    Warning: Cold Engine?

    Hi guys, Check the forum and can I really be the only one having this issue? So as you probably guessed I get a Warning: Cold Engine from my '19 850 SBA but it happens after I warm-up! Yes, yes, take it to the dealer but I can't really do atm in my area. What are your thoughts? Bad sensor...
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    Assault 850 warmup

    Thanks, OutCast!
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    Assault 850 warmup

    Thanks OutCast. Can I ask where you are getting your info? I called Polaris and they said 25c. Just wondering and again appreciate the reply. This thing rips!!
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    Assault 850 warmup

    What's told 25c and go. What are you doing?
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    850 patriot throttle problems

    Just got my '19 flashed as well, SSA-19-02. Had a small run tonight and seemed ok but need more seat time. Was running like junk for a little ~30 hrs changed plugs and much better then flashed. Was told to swap in new plugs but haven't yet. P.s outgoing plugs were fouled and black.
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    Pidd update

    Not sure about key fuse sorry. Call them back or service manual? Will take a look I updated mine successfully with the new 2gb file. Had to give it a solid half hour before it completed.

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