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1998 700 XC Idling/Starting Problem + Belt Problem?

Connor K

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Years Snowmobiling
Polaris 1998 700 & Polaris 1996 440
I bought this snowmobile during the summer. I have been storing it for the last couple of months and at least once per month I have gone out and started it. It has been hard to start and if I do get it started normally I have to keep it on the half choke for it to keep running. When I do try to idle without choke it normally dies or idles at such a low RPM that when I try to throttle it dies. It is making a coughing sound when running and when attempting to start. What should I do?

Also, unrelated to the starting problem, when I do get it running after a minute or so there is a whining sound coming from where I would think the belt is located.

PLEASE HELP ME! I can post the videos of the sounds it is making to my Youtube since I don't know how to add them to this post...... New to forums.....

Coughing sound:
It makes the sound on the second and fifth pull.

Whining sound:
It won't let me watch video as it is listed as private.

As for starting and running, sounds like carbs might be a little fouled, especially idle jets, or intake boots could be cracked. I have 99 700XCSP and those Keihin carbs are very sensitive to any sludging of jets. With todays fuel, especially if it's more than a few months old, there may be a buildup in jets. If they're not bright and shiny, they need cleaned with jet cleaners or silk thread.

As for whining, which side of engine? Belt (PTO) side is left and only thing I can think of whining there is tight belt or bad crankshaft bearing. On the right (MAG) side there is the oil pump and recoil which could have starter pawl dragging or issue with oil pump.

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