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2000 700 RMK Cooling System


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Longview, Alberta
Years Snowmobiling
2000 RMK 700
1997 RMK XLT
I acquired this sled a couple winters ago, and I am finally getting to putting it in shape for the season. Turns out that this thing was a basket case due to the previous owners handy work. Every turn unveils another surprise, but I've come this far, so I refuse to give up.

Last weekend I pulled the motor out to go through all the steering and give the belly pan a wash, since it was already 80% apart. Now that I am back on the go-together, I noticed a worn spot on one of the coolant hoses. I pulled up the parts diagram to get a pt# for the hose and was confused, because the diagram didn't match what I have in front of me.

After running some numbers, this thing has the head and water pump system from a 1998 700, with no bypass and no thermostat. From what I understand, the Gen II machines got the bypass. Was there problems with the Gen I 700's that I should round up the parts and put a bypass system back in, or will it be fine?

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