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2012 Assault TPS Code Question


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2012 Polaris RMK Assault 800 Stage 2
Hi there! I have an 2012 800 Assault with the Stage 2 kit on it. I use this sled to ride to work and I have been doing it all season. I always suspected the TPS was off a little bit because the headlights and taillight would flash at idle. Anyways long story short, this week sled started bogging and cutting out when giving throttle. It was still rideable, and only did it once in a while. Now it’s gotten to where any amount of throttle over 3,000 rpm and the throttle cuts out with an engine light on. It throws code P0120. I have checked all the wiring and I can’t find any corroded wires or moisture in the harness. I’ve seen how you can check the TPS voltage with a battery and voltmeter and adjust the screw, but I have the Dynojet Power Commander 5 installed. When you plug a laptop with usb into it and load up the commander software there is an application to set the tps. I was wondering if this actually set the tps on the sled or just for the maps and maybe I could fix it with this.

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