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Can’t figure out what is wrong with p.o.s. Dragon.


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2010 Polaris dragon 800 155
So I have a 2010 dragon 800 155 as a backup and I cant seem to get the thing to work right. It ran good all season last year but only saw 4-500 miles. I rebuilt the top end with the “dragon saver” spacer and weisco pistons,rings,seals including injector seals, and rebuilt the power valves.

Now the problems that have come up:
Since the first startup on the new top end I am getting a flashing service engine light. It flashes five times but I’ve been told the flash count doesn’t mean anything. I replaced the egt probe and det sensor because I’ve been told those were the most common problems.

Since the initial startup when it starts it will idle up a bit which I think is normal but the minute I touch the throttle the mileage goes up like the sled is going 100 mph.
I’m getting tired of beating my head against the wall for this thing
I’m guessing you forgot to plug something in or you didn’t plug one of your connectors in all the way.
As mentioned go over all the plugs again, If that doesnt fix it...
The 5 flashes is usually the EGT sensor. But you replaced that. But loosen off the sensor and lightly snug it too and see if that works.
I would lean towards the Voltage Regulator. Is there another dragon’s around you know of that they will let you try their VR? They are too expensive to buy new and hope thats it. But with the guages acting like that its looking like the VR. Are the headlights and dash lights going dim as well?

I have also heard of a bad crankshaft position sensor causing a 5 flash code. Does the Engine die if you try and let it idle?
Also check the stator and make sure its reading .13ish ohms
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