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Exhaust Valve Solenoid - 600 Rush

Discussion in 'Rush/Switchback' started by Rbell14, Feb 22, 2021 at 8:37 PM.

  1. Rbell14

    Rbell14 Member

    Plymouth, Mi
    Years Snowmobiling:
    2021 Indy VR1 850
    2016 Rush Pro S 600
    I'm in the process of cleaning the exhaust valves on the 600 Rush. They were overdue and a bit sticky with build up.

    I noticed some oil residue in the bottom of the engine compartment. There are hoses connected to the exhaust valves that lead to the solenoid and then there is a drain tube.

    How does this work and why do I have oil residue in the bottom of the engine bay from the exhaust valves.

    Attached is the schematic... (part #3 goes into part #1 then drains out part #2. Just want to know what causes the drainage.


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