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Here is the 850 SSA-19-02 explained by Torque Link

Discussion in 'Rush/Switchback' started by JoeyStrub-Bikeman, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. JoeyStrub-Bikeman

    JoeyStrub-Bikeman Member Advertiser

    Stillwater, MN
    Years Snowmobiling:
    All Makes but only the high power models
    I've been working hard doing a full compare on the new 2019 Polaris 850 update SSA-19-02 and comes in the 2020 850 Patriot models.

    Let me know what you think!

    Do you like this Type of info?

    The Update Flash is a step in the right direction the Bikeman Flash Stock Performance Flash will be even stronger and more consistent.

    Brought to you by Torque Link, Like the facebook page to stay up on all the latest!

    Torque Link – Unlocking The Next Generation of Performance

    New flash changes-
    1. Oil Ratio map is 70% richer on decel
    2. Ignition Closed EV - less advance on decel
    3. Ignition Compensation by Pipe Temp - .5 degrees less until pipe is hot
    4. Ignition Idle Timing - modified
    5. Exhaust Valve Full Open RPM - Full open at lower rpm at earlier TPS
    6. Fuel EV Closed Steady TPS - richer low TPS and leaner higher TPS
    7. Fuel EV Closed Moving TPS - richer midrange
    8. Fuel EV Mid - richer midrange
    9. Fuel EV Open - WAY LEANER! 100% TPS 8500 rpm and above
    10. Fuel Compensation by ECT - Leaner in spots
    11. Fuel Compensation by BARO - Leaner about 3% at pressure above normal NA pressure weird change that is likely to impact turbo sleds
    12. Fuel Compensation by Pipe Temp - leaner with cold pipe and richer with hot pipe.
    13. Fuel Compensation ECT vs BARO - 2% richer 0-1500ft and 32-70deg f
    14. Idle Fuel - leaner in spots
    torque link logo YR.jpg

  3. MrSled

    MrSled Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Weston, WI
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