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Interchangability of ignition coils


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2002 RMK 700
Hello everyone,
Got a couple of questions I hope someone has an experienced answer to:
My 2002 RMK 700 quit having spark on right cylinder. Left is still there.
Check the 2 plugs to coil - 3 & 2 prong and only get power on green wire on 3 pr. plug
when pulling it over. Coil or stator problem? CDI? In case that the coil is gone -
Model#: Ducati 4010183 - is this one interchangeable with a 2004 ducati 4010696 coil?
Thanks guys for any help...
That machine has a waste-fire ignition system, meaning there is only one signal for the coil to spark. Both cylinders fire at the same time every time (twice for every single revolution of the crankshaft) or when one piston is at bottom-dead-center the other at top-dead-center. With spark advance it happens a number of degrees before TDC and BDC. With that said if one side works the coil is functioning the way it's supposed to but you could still have a bad plug wire, cap or the spark plug itself. Some of those coils had replaceable wires, try unscrewing it from the coil if it comes off you can use any plug wire of the same dimension. If it doesn't unscrew get another coil. I don't know any of the OEM numbers so I can't help with that.
I agree with what Mike said on where to start, but your description doesn't make sense. The 2002's didn't have the Ducati igntions anymore, they started switching to Kokusan in 2000 and newer machines that had the Mikuni rack carb setup, by 02 they were all on that setup.
You sure thats the original motor since the dual plug you describe sounds like the Ducati ignition?
Thanks to both of you for the replies.
II got that sled from a friend who passed away last year and did get to work on it last fall.
Like I said, it ran all right until that spark quit. I am pretty sure my friend himself did not
change the motor since he wasn't much of a wrench. It definitely is a Ducati coil. Says it right on it
with the # 4010183. The good side of the coil has the sparkplug wire tight in it and I would have to yank
on it to get it out. The failing side 's wire just popped out and I already did try a different plug wire on it with no
success, I gonna dig out more automotive parts to find another wire and see what will happen later......
Again, thanks a lot for your input. Greatly appreciated! ...
There should be what looks like a sheetrock screw where the wire goes inside the coil. Is it missing the screw?

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