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IQ 600 Drive Shaft Speedometer Housing


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Hi All
I have a 2007 IQ 600 121" and recently had some issue with the secondary overheating and some noise. I removed the clutch and speedometer housing to inspect bearings and freed up and cleaned the jackshaft bearing cleaning out all the grease. The bearing on this side is a sealed bearing and this machine has the electronic speedometer pickup. The grease nipple was not installed in the spot the service manual says, but I re-tapped and re-installed it and replaced the gasket on the a shaped bearing collar. Does anyone know if this housing needs to be full of grease when operating? I can see it with the mechanical speedometer and I used a needle to grease inside the small orifice on the bearing seal. I am hesitant to grease this housing as it will take a lot of grease to fill and I don't see what purpose it serves. If someone could let me know what they think that would be great. The service manual is really very poor.
Thanks a bunch
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The AXYS chassis and newer sleds don't even have fittings, so as long you are OK with doing what you just did by removing the seals and regreasing them periodically, then you should be fine.

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