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New to polaris

Discussion in 'Rush/Switchback' started by jac1281, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. jac1281

    jac1281 New Member

    New york
    Years Snowmobiling:
    2019 850 Assault
    been a lifelong Doo rider just made the switch to a 19 assault 850. Love this thing nice power and plenty of ski pop. Wish I switched years ago. What are you guys doing for storing sleds for the summer? Additives ? Also I have the PIDD gauge and can’t figure out how to bring the map from sled to a computer to view where I rode any ideas?
  3. OutCast

    OutCast Active Member

    Cape Breton
    Run some seafoam through the engine, although I do this 2 times a season to give the fuel system a cleaning, add Fuel stabilizer to the full tank of fuel. I usually leave my sleds at least half tank of fuel in them. The siphon it out and use in the truck at the beginning of the season. As for fogging them, I just spray some fogging oil down the spark plug holes and pull it over a couple times slowly so it gets down into the crank.
    Take your clutches apart to save the spring life. And also give them a scrub with something like a scotch bright pad and clean with brake clean and a rag. Inspect the sheaves for cracks or wear, and bushings and rollers as well for wear.

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