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Newer 600 cfi in 2007 600 switchback


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new york
Years Snowmobiling
2010 polaris iq tour
2007 polaris switchback cfi
2020 skidoo grand touring (misses)
Looking to replace my 600 cfi motor that threw a rod. Cranckcase busted. Saw a 2012 600 cfi motor for sale. Looks like the 2012 still has 4 injectors ports. Wold have to put in my fuel injection system, reeds, throttle body, stator and recoil. New motor has its own water pump and injection pump.

Planning to tear the top end to inspect and regasket at minimum. Possibly repiston.

2007 switchback is otherwise good. A stud or two pulled through on the 144 1.25 track., shocks seem ok. Hood is zip tied together, but everything except the brake duct is on and working. Sled has 7800 miles.

Can it be done without putting a newer EFI on it? Think its worth it. $1200 for motor. $150 for gaskets mybe another $150-200 pistons. Used hood maybe, another $150. $1500 to $1700 into it? Paid $1500 got most of one season at 7000 miles.

I have a 2010 polairs iq touring with 7800 miles. Pistons seem ok, new intake boot, sp coolant restrictor, and installed studs this year. Bought the wife a 2020 ski doo grand touring sport 600 ace to have a 2nd working sled.

I may need a off trail sled soon. Nothing exotic. Logging roads not plowed to get to a new hunting camp, but not staying there. Maybe 2 miles off trail. Blaze with swtichback or something else, and have grand touring follow me. Adirondacks snow been 1-4ft more or less the last 10 years going up there.

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