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Polaris Switchback 2006 600 ho, loss of reverse


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Polaris switchback 2006 600
I recently went on a trip to northern MN in which I have lose complete function of reverse, I would press the button and it would just die, on the second day of the trip it was working perfectly fine, then the third day one again would not work, just got it home and inspected the wiring including the connections for the buttons and no issues there as all the other functions of the buttons works, took the belt off and ran it and then it ran perfectly fine, assuming it was belt deflection I adjusted the deflection clockwise to open the sheaves a bit and still it would not go into reverse, any tips or tricks on what I could, could my primary be causing it to not work properly as it has been noisy recently
Not sure about that vintage but the newer stuff gets cranky if the TPS is out of adjustment, does the same thing. Good place to start.
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