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Top End Bog. 2018 800 XCR

Discussion in 'Rush/Switchback' started by Wilmotriverside, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Wilmotriverside

    Wilmotriverside New Member

    Twin lakes wi
    2018 800 xcr rush. 2800 miles. Always ran great now falls flat on its face on grades right around 7100 rpms. Kinda like a bog. Is there a fuel filter on these that may need replacing or could it possibly be exhaust valves not opening?
  3. Rbell14

    Rbell14 New Member

    Plymouth, Mi
    Years Snowmobiling:
    2015 Yamaha Viper RTX SE
    I recall reading about cleaning the exhaust valve on my Rush. I have not done that but wondering if you should check that. I think it called this out in the owners manual, give it a check. I’m sure there is a simple fuel filter but not sure where it’s located.
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