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traction trouble - track question


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Years Snowmobiling
1993 Polaris Indy 440 longtrack
Hi, I have a 1993 Polaris Indy 440 long track.
Note: This is my first snowmobile.
I have a property in Northern Ontario. There is a lake I need to cross to get to my cabin.
Note: the area gets a lot of snow. The lake is covered with almost a foot of soft powdery snow.
There is around 1 foot of snow, then there is around 4 inches of slush.
I did a drill text on the ice before proceeding to drive across the lake on the Indy.
The snowmobile started to bog down and eventually got stuck.
What was happening is the track when spinning was removing the snow and slush and I was stuck spinning on the solid ice underneath.
The next time I attempted to cross, I did it at full speed and made it all the way. There were however a couple of times when it started to slow, losing traction.
The current track on my snowmobile does not look very agressive. It's just rubber and the tread are only around 1/2 inch.
My question is:
Do you think if I replaced the track with a more agressive larger tread and studs I would be able to go across the lake without getting stuck?
Thank you in advance,

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