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  1. whitefrost

    oil pump bleed

    2015 pro s 800 axys...installing the engine..is there a way to bleed the oil pump without buying the power up cable..thanks
  2. whitefrost

    axys 800 fuel filter

    looking for the part number for a fuel filter sock on a 2015 axys pro s 800 HO..and also the best place to buy one..thanks in advance
  3. whitefrost

    best sea level big bore

    going to be rebuilding an 800 ho from a 2015 pro s 800...where is the best place to purchase a big bore kit with the most trail reliability and performance gains..
  4. whitefrost

    2015 pro s 800 missing

    tore it apart today..clutch side piston pin broke and let the ring turn catching port..the other piston is extremely loose in cylinder but showed 130 lbs of compression
  5. whitefrost

    2015 pro s 800 missing

    so I started my sled up and let it warm up..i shut it off to put my suit on and when I started sled back up it made a small pop and it started idleing very low and half missing.. almost seemed like a fouled spark plug..took it for a drive and it would clear up some but the det light would come...
  6. whitefrost

    1999 xcr 700

    my sled works great but when you squeeze the throttle wide open she goes to 8600 rpms but if I back off the throttle to three quarters it will go faster..what causes this..carbs or clutching?thanks in advance
  7. whitefrost

    1999 XCR 700

    looking for clutching and gearing tips from anyone who has dragged these sleds on grass or ice,thanks
  8. whitefrost

    rush pro s

    slp stage two with stock gears..it flies on hardpack..23-37
  9. whitefrost

    rush pro s

    so my 2015 rush pro s 120 with the 800 is working awesome but the top speed on hardpack compared to a bit of snow is unbelievable..113 mph on hardpack and 90 in 3 inches of snow with hardpack under it...how do I get more speed in snow?thanks
  10. whitefrost

    2015 800 pro S spinning

    yeah im not a fan of them..
  11. whitefrost

    2015 800 pro S spinning

    hey folks I have the SLP stage 2 set up that works nice,i dropped one tooth on top sprocket and sled is fast on hardtop but its really spinny on looser snow and way slower too,any help on taking the spin out of her would be nice..i have a 66-44-42 helix and thanks
  12. whitefrost

    SLP tourque arm

    it broke in three places around the weld on the bracket bolted to engine block..i will get a pic of my new one..
  13. whitefrost

    INDY 800 Kicking Ass Again

    wicked sled Outkast...wish I hadn't missed it
  14. whitefrost

    SLP tourque arm

    I made one to bolt on to frame like the old xcr 800 triples..works perfect
  15. whitefrost

    SLP tourque arm

    2015 800 axys 120my tourque arm broke and they are a known issue..i love SLP products and the tourque arm works good..any replacement ideas until they get new ones in?..thanks

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