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  1. K

    Re jetting and adjusting top end RPM

    Hey all, I’ve got a 1990 Indy 650 triple that I’m turning into a mod sled. The engine has been re built and I put new intakes on all the carbs to replace the old air box. I’ve re jetted and got my mixture and idle where I want it but I’m having a hard time adjusting my RPM at the top end of...
  2. J

    1990 Indy 650 custom name plate

    Hi all, I recently got a 1990 Indy 650 and I was doing some clutch work to it and just noticed a little brass name plate that says “build especially for Stan Olesky” I have no idea who that is and couldn’t find anything about it online. I’ve attached a picture of the plate, would love to know...
  3. J

    1990 Indy 650 clutch problems

    Hi all, I recently got a 1990 Indy 650 liquid cooled triple, it had carb issues but I got it running and took it for a little boot. after about 5 minutes I was going downhill and the sled just stopped moving but the engine stayed running. I popped the cowling and saw that the primary clutch...

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