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1990 Indy 650 clutch problems

Joel Miller

New Member
Years Snowmobiling
1990 Polaris Indy 650
Hi all,

I recently got a 1990 Indy 650 liquid cooled triple, it had carb issues but I got it running and took it for a little boot.

after about 5 minutes I was going downhill and the sled just stopped moving but the engine stayed running. I popped the cowling and saw that the primary clutch didn’t seem to engage properly so I pulled it, cleaned it, dressed the belt and put he clutch back in and it still doesn’t move. Not sure what’s wrong with it, any advice would be appreciated.
Did you disassemble it and inspect during cleaning. ? Obviously it works of centrifical force and im assuming the clutch is turning with the crank (in other words I’m assuming the pto end of crank isn’t broke off. Inside or outside the case. And I’m assuming the press fit of the clutch to crank taper is posative ) if that is all correct. Then you need to take it apart and do a quality inspection . Remove cover , remove spring , remove weights and inspect pins and bushings look for weights digging into the aluminum of the clutch both at heel and tips. Make sure rollers are intact , rolling and not damaged or flat. Slide the movable sheeve by itelf up and down post it should glide very easily and drop under its own weight. Then do same with cover , that attach cover to movable and do it again. If these do not slide super easy. Inspect the cover and movable bushings. Measure inside diameter of cover bushing and of post. If cover is ok you may have to have movable and spider taken apart and then measure again. You will find the issue. Be systematic .
I’ll have to take it off again and properly inspect everything like you said. I’m also think I’m a bit brain dead and don’t have the carbs set up right because the engine rpm won’t go above 5500. I’ll have to look up the spec and see what rpm the clutch engages at.
If you have carbs off look in cyl. And see if piston skirt is broken off. Also.

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