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Questions how to make the triple more reliable

Discussion in 'Vintage' started by Andrewpeloquin, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Andrewpeloquin

    Andrewpeloquin New Member

    Emerson, manitoba
    Years Snowmobiling:
    1989 Polaris Indy 650
    I'm looking to see if there's anyone on here who would know what to do to make a Polaris triple more reliable I hear they have a lot of their own issues I just picked up a 89 650 and would rather know the common problem areas before I end up in the boons
  3. 80 Centurion

    80 Centurion New Member

    Mnlps south suburb
    Years Snowmobiling:
    1980 Polaris Centurion
    You may have finished your year up with other(s) help but just saw this as I have not visited the site regularly.
    I would recommend spending time on the Carbs, they need to be clean of course and both jets in each carburetor need to be clear. Also, my strong opinion is that you should put in new needle and seats, it's amazing the very slight difference feel of the tension between a used and a new one but the new ones help stop the unwanted fuel flow to the carbs. When you have this unwanted fuel flow after shut down, you risk flooding for sure and putting fuel in the cylinders upon start up and you can hydraulically crack a head with the raw fuel in the cylinder as it gets compressed, I have 1st hand experience.
    Be sure none of the Choke(s) cables are partially engaging any of the chokes at all, if there is any partial engagement there will be extra fuel causing flooding most noticable at Idle by the machine killing and you may hear that the 2 stroke rythem doesn't sound right. Hopefully some of these tips can help, they are spoken from expensive experience.:)
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