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Welcome to Polaris Star Power!!!

Welcome dscottdragon, er..a.. 14indy8!
Another HSC convert.
It will take a little time to figure out the format, but some good info here.
I kept my same screen name, although no affiliation with religion.
rabbi is very close to my last name and a nickname I was given in high school, so the name stuck.
Thanks Rabbi, I thought about keeping same name also, but not that many people knew who I was anyway! Plus the Indy may be in the stable for a while. It's gonna take me while to figure this site out, but it's a better place to start from being Polaris only.
Hi just joined also. Will take me a while to figure out how it works. I'm a little slow! On HCS I'm dscottdragon but felt the need to change my name because that was 4 sleds ago. Thanks for the new Poo site!

Welcome to the site. I also move your question into the Indy section.
No I don't. But I sent my shocks to DLS up near the Twin cities for rebuilding and he mentioned having a problem with a charging port also. He must have found a solution though, he rebuilt all four shocks for me.
On a side note, he found a band blown in the rear PSS shock. Something to watch for I guess.
(Mods, feel free to move this over to the Pro- Ride forum if need be).
Thanks Rabbi. A friend of mine is northstarrick here in NH. I use him for all my sled/wheeler related work. I was the first Indy he'd seen. Mostly all Rushes for Poo plus everything else brand wise. So it was a shocker to him that it required something other than what he'd been used to. He rebuilds shocks all the time & this was a first. In fact that's how I met him. My dealer sent me to him for a shock rebuild on my '08 Dragon 700 Switchback. I never went back to the dealer. Lol! He's that good! They are NOT! He said my front track shock was leaking. Had 2,500 miles on at the time. Has 3,050 on it now. Trying to get it done before next Winter.

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